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9 Easy Steps On How to Automate Your SEO Projects12 min read

SEO For Freelancer

SEO for freelancers is a topic worth covering because it is one of the most challenging aspects for freelancers who manage SEO projects for their clients. To compete with the industry giants, you need to outsmart them, and that’s where SEO comes in.

The truth is that SEO has become so complex and competitive that it’s difficult for a single person to keep up with everything. 

With all this online information, finding what you need when you need becomes even more challenging. This is why many freelancers are turning towards SEO automation to help them stay on top of things.

Steps to Win at Remote SEO for Freelancer Projects

Let’s take a look at the typical local SEO activities performed by freelancers.

But First, how to automate things to get things done fast? So, if you are a WordPress user, you can simply just add a few plugins that I personally use, which I’m about to tell you and get things done as quickly as possible.

Converter for Media
Utilize your WebP & AVIF Converter to speed up your website. Replace the default image formats JPEG, PNG, and GIF with WebP and AVIF right away!

Link Whisper Free
Build clever internal links to and from your content quickly. Additionally, thorough internal link reporting will help you learn important lessons.

Rank Math SEO
With the help of the ground-breaking SEO software Rank Math, you can easily increase your traffic by combining the characteristics of several SEO tools.

WP Headers And Footers
Enables you to add text or code to your WordPress site’s header or footer.

WP Rocket
The ideal performance plugin for WordPress.

A simpler route to exceptional page experiences for all users. driven by AMP.

Just by adding these, your 80% of work will be almost done and automated! So you won’t be wasting time and getting things done easily and efficiently.

Plus, Here’s more,

If you want to generate and add hreflang, use this tool to help you do this in 5mins.

To generate custom schema markup, use this tool to get it done within no time.

If you want to download royalty-free images from the internet, use unsplash to do so.

If you want to create fast customer banners for yourself or any design creative, Use Canva Pro to create any that you like!

Now, get back to some SEO Basics on which you don’t want to spend most of your time.

Automate Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in SEO. If you work as a freelancer, it may be difficult for you at the start, but if you work alone, it’s impossible to avoid, so why not get things on automation?


First Stage Of Keyword Research

Follow these methods to weed out the top keywords.

  • Choose keywords with clear search intent. For example, “blue pajamas” isn’t good enough. “Buy blue pajamas” is good for purchase intent, and “Buy blue pajamas for males” is even better if you want to be specific about what you are selling.
  • Try to choose keywords with the highest search volume. The more individuals who type a search word into Google, the more website visitors you will gain.
  • Keep an eye on the keyword trends. You should use something other than a keyword whose popularity is dwindling and vice versa. Use Google Trends to do just that!
  • Examine the keywords for which your rivals are ranking. This is possible through Spying on Competitors page. To do this, Open Ahrefs, Enter the URL of a competitor’s website to view their ranking keywords and use the export option to further examine and find opportunities.
  • Analyze the keywords for which you are ranking but need to employ. You may accomplish this on the Keywords tab from your Search Console. It’s an excellent spot to look for keywords, mainly if you have yet to utilize Keyword Suggestions.

How does it help you?

You risk producing a mess if you try to rank for dozens, if not hundreds, of keywords. To minimize misunderstanding, it is vital to classify them. Giving each term a tag makes it easier to discover with the basket’s search feature – for example, if you want to delete a keyword you no longer use.

Systemize your On-Page Optimization

Optimizing a page is to get it near Google’s content quality guidelines as feasible. Under some scenarios, poorly optimized pages can rank well but don’t bank on them. One page might need to be added to your freelance career.

image 1

Keep your pages optimized with keywords

Aside from the content of a page, there are additional locations where keywords help your SEO. They are, in no particular order:

  • Page URL
  • <title> tag
  • <meta description> tag
  • H1-H4 header tags
  • Images’ file names, captions, and <alt> attributes.

Keep a Low Page Load Time

image 2

If you ever had done any SEO, you would’ve loved to see this on your PC Screen. We all know If a website continues to load slowly after months in your care, it will raise a few eyebrows. Why risk irreparable harm to your reputation? When a website loads quickly, it benefits SEO.

image 3

Here’s how to increase your ranking points for speed:

  • Minimize your images’ file size
  • Remove any redundant HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other code.
  • Remove any redirects that the site can do without.
  • In the .htaccess file, specify which site items to cache.
  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Host large files on external platforms
  • Option “I prefer to live dangerously”: re-host the website on a faster server or through a content delivery network.

You can also watch this section;

1) Opportunity Section:

image 4

2) Diagnostics

image 5

and if you’re not that techy person, you can always hit your developer friends to help 😉

Make the Website Mobile-Friendly

It might be difficult to optimize a site for mobile from the ground up, yet it is critical for SEO. You are your boss. Therefore, treat it as such.

What does a mobile-friendly website require?

Responsive design

This stage involves some understanding of HTML and CSS, but it’s simple enough that even middle school students can do it.

No intrusive popups

Advertisements and disclaimers may include valuable information but are little more than user diversions. If you must use pop-ups, ensure they only take up a little space on the screen.

Fast loading speed

The latter are less ready to wait when comparing PC and mobile users.

Easy-to-use interface

Users’ fingertips are less accurate than mouse cursors on mobile devices. Keep these two realities in mind when you make changes to the appearance of your website.

Technical Auditing & Optimization

Some faults, such as errors 502, 404, and 403, are apparent. Others could be more evident and may be more challenging to recognize. For obvious reasons, repairing website faults frequently falls on the shoulders of freelancers.

Unfortunately, there are no programs that will automatically correct problems for you. However, if there were, you’d be out of work, so keep your head up! At the very least, you can speed up the error-fixing process. Download & Use screamingfrog desktop version, where you can simply paste your URL and get tons of technical issues detected within seconds!

Building HQ Backlinks

What link-building-related tasks do freelancers do?

Building backlinks (obviously)

This is the hardest assignment, so congratulations if this is your specialty. Checking what sites connect to rival websites is one of the finest methods to find link-building chances. Find your competition first if you still need to learn who they are.

Content posting is another common method for obtaining backlinks.

Weeding Out Toxic Backlinks

When do backlinks work against you rather than for you?

  • When they are annoying (i.e., too many are made in a short time)
  • When the connecting pages aren’t relevant to your site
  • When the domain authority of the connecting site is lower than yours

The more harmful backlinks you have, the larger the difficulty they cause – not just for the site but also for the person who has to remove them. Of course, that’s you.

Identify Toxic links using Semrush to quickly find, export, and exclude through the Google search console disavow tool. Also, when you identify hazardous connections, you may either remove them yourself or ask the individual who created them to do so. You can only disavow them in Google if neither works (or was ever an option, to begin with). 

The following are the steps for removing harmful links:

1. Select linking page URLs that you want to disavow.

2. Download the .txt file with selected URLs.

3. Open the Google Disavow Tool and upload your file.

Disavow links to your site

Improving anchor texts in the links on your site

Internal links on your website might also influence its rating. The site must have a well-designed structure with a page hierarchy to maximize this ranking increase.

You may even have links with no anchor text; this is a missed SEO opportunity.

But what happens if you bump into a client who is already been hit by a Google penalty?

Let’s dive right into this,

Recovering from a drop in rankings

Is there anything more prevalent in SEO than losing rankings? It can happen for a variety of causes, and it is up to you to figure out what caused it. If you’re lucky, your client will already be aware of the problem, and you’ll only have to figure out how to repair the damage.

The following are the most prevalent causes of a dip in rankings:

Google penalty

The website violated Google Webmaster Guidelines and was penalized as a result. If this is the case, a notification concerning manual activities should appear in Google Search Console, along with advice for what to do next.

Google update

Google’s algorithm is updated daily, but the changes are occasionally significant enough to cause thousands of websites to lose their ranks. SEO communities are always looking for such developments and typically have a solution.

Loss of backlinks

If you have lost any backlinks, you may either restore them or generate new ones.

Competitors broke through

Compare your latest rankings to those of your immediate competitors if you know them.

Optimization issues

Has Google found the site to need to be more optimized? SEO or technical issues might be the blame. There may be a few infringing pages, but that is sometimes all it takes to lose the top rankings.

The content was changed recently

Some pages used to rank high before they were modified and crawled again by Google. Then it could be a good idea to repair whatever is wrong with the new material – or bring it back.

Bad keywords

It’s also conceivable that the website needs to employ the best keywords to rank for.


Use Social Media Optimization

What if your employer requires you to advertise a website on social media?

If the owner still needs to do so, your strategy will entail building pages on multiple platforms and publishing them until consumers adore the website.

This position is dependent on communicating with the audience via updates and comments. However, its success will be evaluated by numbers: likes, subscribers, new website traffic, and conversions.

Inside, you have:

  • Mentions of your site’s pages on social media
  • Mentions of competing sites’ pages, compared to yours
  • Analysis of traffic received from social media

Because Facebook is the most popular platform, it will almost certainly be your top focus. Remember to monitor mentions of your website on social media and the Internet. User feedback evaluates your work in ways that no SEO technology can. Paying little attention to what users say is a recipe for disaster in terms of public relations.

SEO Tasks Organization

SEO freelancers frequently operate in groups and share assignments. Naturally, when you can automate some of the labor and keep track of who does what, you transform your team into a productive dream team worth its weight in gold.

What aspects of SEO would you like to automate? Here are a few examples:

  • Technical audits.
  • Site rankings check.
  • Error alerts.
  • Toxic link alerts.
  • Weekly progress reports.

If you want us to help you manage your projects, simply look no other than Serps Growth. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization and online reputation management. They offer services to help businesses increase their online presence, drive traffic and generate leads.

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