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The Complete Guide to SEO Friendly Website Design3 min read

The Complete Guide to SEO Friendly Website Design

Build A Website That’s SEO Friendly

Website Design Tips That Will Make It More Search Engine Friendly

HTML design has been popular for a while now, and there are many different options that can be used to build the perfect website. Some tips include using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code, as well as adding video content or responsive images.

Get Your Website These 15 Crucial SEO Elements Done!

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Business website types have changed a lot in recent years, and as the world has become more modern, so has web design.

A website’s user experience is just as important as its search engine optimization.

Your website must have these 10 simple yet crucial SEO elements to get the best possible results.

  • Build a Speedy website with enhanced Core Web Vitals.
  • Optimize your Meta Tags.
  • Write High-Quality Web Copy with Proper Content Alignment.
  • Set Proper Page Hierarchy with Keywords in Headings.
  • Create an Internal Linking Structure with an Anchor.
  • Send OutboundLinks to Other big authoritative Websites.
  • Make Sure Social Sharing is enabled.
  • Install Google Analytics Tracking Code on Site.
  • Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Responsiveness.
  • Build a Strong Website Structure (Every Page within 3 Clicks).
  • Enable Breadcrumbs.
  • Make Sure to Use a Single Version of the Website URL
  • Single Font Type Used throughout your site.
  • 404 with a Back to Home Button.

and it might set it all up for you.

A great example by Ahref on how to build a friendly website Internal Linking structure known as a “Silo Structure”

SEO Silo Structure source Ahrefs

Learn How Websites Behave

If you want to enhance your SEO Skills with Development Knowledge in hand, get a free Codecademy account learn the foundations of HTML and invest two weeks in learning the basics of CSS. Combine them with the HTML knowledge you’ve just acquired and build a small static page (hosted on GitHub) to practice your learnings along the way.

However, you will have a much greater degree of clarity on:

✔️ How websites work.

✔️ Why do websites look & behave a certain way?

✔️ How to communicate with developers.

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How to Achieve the Best SEO Results with Modern Website Techniques

The best techniques in modern website design are SEO-friendly.

Website User Experience enhancement is a term used to describe how to create better user interaction with a website. It includes things like how easy it is to navigate, how easy it is to find what you are looking for, and how responsive the website is on different devices.

SEO-friendly websites are designed in a way that makes them indexable by search engines and easier for users to find when they do searches.

Did you learn something new today?

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Rabee Khan

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