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Top 10 Ghostwriting Companies In the US For 202310 min read


Was it your dream to become an author but could not fulfill it? Well, there is no end to dreaming, you can still become the best author in your circle. How? Becoming an author in 2023 is nothing too much to ask for. All you need is to hire writers from Top Ghostwriting Companies who will write a perfectly well-written book for you.

For people not familiar with who ghostwriters are, they are the ones who are paid to write content for individuals who hire them. Once they hand over the project, the client has 100% ownership of the content. That’s the fun part, the book is served and you become the exclusive author right at the moment.

Moreover, if you are looking for top ghostwriting services then read further.

Top Ghostwriting Companies in 2023

All of these companies are listed after research and have satisfied clients for many years. their services are of top quality and worth praising.

1. Vox Ghostwriting


Vox Ghostwriting is one of the best ghostwriting companies you can ask for, Cherry on top of its services is currently on discounts of 50% off. They have been providing premium services for more than a decade and have been trusted by more than 400 authors worldwide.

So, if you are looking for writers for hire who can craft an exemplary autobiography or a memoir then Vox Ghostwriting is the best place for it.

Apart from memoirs and autobiographies, you can contact them for:

  • Book designs
  • Book editing and formatting
  • Book review and consultation

What Makes Them The Best Ghostwriting Services? 

  • 86% of customers rehire
  • 2.5k writers and editors
  • 100% satisfied results
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Nexus Ghostwriting


Next on the list is Nexus Ghostwriting which is another leading name when it comes to best ghostwriting companies. This company has been providing extravagant services to people across the globe. All those best sellers you’ve been seeing online can be one of yours by hiring writers from Nexus Ghostwriting.

Moreover, they are not just limited to books but have professionals who make the book publishing process as smooth as silk. All hail to their exceptional teams working day and night to deliver projects on time.

Their services are available at a 50% discount too. Furthermore, they are delivery projects for:

  • Fiction and non-fiction ghostwriting
  • Memoirs
  • Manuscript formatting

What Makes Them The Greatest Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Ranked top in Trustpilot
  • Connections with the best publishing houses
  • Craft Content that targets the right audience

3. Ghostwriting Solution


Ghostwriting Solution is the spot that creates thrilling books that make the readers hooked till the end. Not just thriller but they have brilliant minds that have crafted adventurous books with outstanding dialogues making readers want to explore the destination themselves.

In addition to this, clients are aware of their projects throughout the process. All the project briefs and drafts are sent to keep them posted.

Moreover, they aim to deliver that is:

  • Well-researched
  • Well-formatted
  • Organized and delivered on time 
  • Have gone through multiple revisions before submission

What Makes Them The Best Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Quick delivery
  • Equipped with smart tools for content creation
  • Reasonable pricing 

4. Fiction Ghostwriting


Fiction Ghostwriters is one of the best ghostwriting companies equipped with professional writers among the top 10 ghostwriters. Excellent work with timeless delivery at your doorstep from experts on board.

Writers at Fiction Ghostwriting are compelled to work with dedication and proficiency. Their mission is to keep the clients update with their projects so if there is any idea that pops up in their mind can be discussed.

Furthermore, clients are all welcome to go through their past works and:

  • Marketing strategies
  • SEO tactics
  • Project briefing  

What Makes Them An Exceptional Ghostwriting Service? 

  • Provides Branding and publicity
  • Website design
  • Offer Audiobooks services
  • Unique and creative content
  • Plagiarism free

5. Ghostwriter Inside


Ghostwriter Inside is one of the top ghostwriting companies in the USA that has the best writers on board that are all ears for you to drop in your ideas. Top-quality services are available at 85% off which is a steal deal.

Whether you are looking for writers for memoir writing, fiction and non-fiction books, drama or horror or romance. They have it all, just give them a brief and you will receive your project on time.

No matter what the genre is your work will be:

  • Well-researched and revised
  • Proofread and edited

What Makes Them The Best Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Experienced writers
  • Affordable pricing

6. Barnett Ghostwriting


Barnet Ghostwriting is a prominent name when it comes to ghostwriting services. They are well-known in terms of writing kids, trade, and photo books. The whole team of writers at Barnett Ghostwriting is experienced and skilled in their field.

Furthermore, to make the project foolproof they have a whole bunch of editors and proofreaders that fill in the gaps in case any are left. Only professional companies cater such services to make sure their clients are receiving top-notch services.

Besides this, you get a whole group of brilliant minds that look after:

  • Proofreading
  • Multiple revisions
  • Editing
  • Book publishing

What Makes Them The Best Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Book marketing services to promote to a large audience.
  • Video trailers for an enthralling book-reading experience.
  • A professional author’s website.
  • Affordable yet excellent work. 

7. Collins Ghostwriting


Premium services led by experts from the top 10 Ghostwriters are all set to make you the author of the best-selling book. Writers at Collin Ghostwriting have been offering top-class services for many years making a name in the market.

Moreover, they have a complete team of professional content creators that are crafting content as per the client’s demand. They are handed projects that are well-researched and formatted and all set to rock the shelves.

In addition to this, client satisfaction is their topmost priority and to make sure they are satisfied they:

  • Are committed to work
  • Hire only a skilled and experienced team of ghostwriters
  • Deliver work fast.

What Makes Them The Prime Choice For Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Timeless delivery
  • Unmatched results
  • Result oriented approaches
  • Promotional strategies to stand out

8. Write Right Ghostwriting


Write Right Ghostwriting Services is a fine choice for ghostwriting services. They have around 1800+ Google verified reviews and more than 50 Trustpilot testimonials. They have been great contributors of professional writing services to many industries.

Also, they have catered to almost 2000+ clients and that is how they made their place among the top ghostwriting companies. Write Right has become a famous name despite serving just six years in the field.

Moreover, apart from fiction and non-fiction, they have the best writers for:

  • Press release writing
  • Professional blogs
  • Copywriting

What Makes Them The Best Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Content writers for B2B and B2C companies
  • Plagiarism free content
  • Unique and quality writing services
  • Social media recognition through writing 

9. Orange Publisher


More on the list is the Orange Publisher, this ghostwriting company is famous in the whole USA for its unbeatable long list of quality services.

Simply put you can become an author by simply following 4 steps. By following the steps, you will be handed over your project which will make you a prominent author that too with 100% ownership.

Apart from writing quality content, they can create amazing book trailers that are an amazing way to make the readers involved in the book before its launch.

These are the reasons why companies and individuals hire writers from here:

  • Trusted partner of CreateSpace and Kindle
  • Personal information is kept private
  • Makes the publishing process feasible
  • Have affordable packages

What Makes Them A Better Option For Ghostwriting Services? 

  • Typesetting services for digital media.
  • Book launch events for new authors.
  • School books writing for all local and international schools.

10. Elite Authors


Last on the list is Elite Authors, they made it through the list because of their outstanding services. As the name suggests, you will become an elite author all thanks to their creative writers doing their level best to craft content that is appreciated by thousands of readers.

Moreover, the professional team at Elite Author has written around 400 million words and has fulfilled the dreams of 9000 authors in 9 years. Besides, your book can be published on top platforms such as CreateSpace, Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Wattpad.

This is why they are best among the clients:

  • Guide them throughout the process.
  • Have professional writers who are all ears for suggestions.
  • Dedicated towards clients.
  • Do not delay work and deliver timely.

What Makes Them A Fine Choice Ghostwriting Services? 

  • A great place for independent authors.
  • 100% royalty-free work.
  • Video trailers to make books more interesting.
  • Makes the book beautiful inside out through creative cover designs.

Wiley Book Writers

Welcome to Wiley Book Writers, where the art of storytelling meets unparalleled expertise. As a leading force in the literary landscape, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring your words to life and elevate your narrative to new heights.

Our Ghostwriting Services are crafted by skilled wordsmiths, transforming your ideas into compelling stories that resonate with readers. Delve into the world of imagination with our Children’s Book Writing Services, creating enchanting tales for young minds. For those seeking a blend of art and narrative, our Comic Book Writing Services seamlessly weave visuals and storytelling into captivating experiences.

Apart from Ghostwriting and children’s book writing, you can contact them for:

  • Book Marketing
  • Book Editing
  • Book Publishing

What Distinguishes Them as The Best Ghostwriting Services?

  • Ranked top in Trustpilot
  • 90% of customers rehire
  • Connections with the best publishing houses
  • 100% satisfied results
  • 24/7 customer support


So, wrapping up the blog, this was all about ghostwriting companies providing the best services to their clients and having discount coupons for new and old customers. Make sure to visit their websites for further queries and details as they are providing 24/7 customer support.

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