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Get started with Live Streaming: How To Do A Basic Setup And Equipment (Guide)5 min read

Live Streaming

Undoubtedly, live streaming comes with many benefits in making your content more streamlined and stand out. Live streaming is considered a broadcasting practice of making audio and video content in real time and allowing it to the audience over the internet. It is becoming more trending and popular as it reaches more audiences globally without having any physical barriers.

However, properly streamlined live broadcasting of any business or organization helps in leading the business to the next level. Therefore, it is necessary to have a well live streaming setup for your smooth streaming. In this blog, we are going to discuss the basic streaming setup for beginners for flawless network connectivity worldwide.

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What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the process of broadcasting real-time/live audio and video content to the viewers through the internet. It is the most popular practice to increase your viewers, along with maximizing direct communication with potential viewers. Live streaming can be done for any in-person event or even hybrid and virtual events. Nowadays, it is mostly used for social media streaming, live video game streaming through youtube, tv broadcasting, and much more. 

However, the first step towards the broadcasting of your media is to have a proper live-streaming equipment setup. Furthermore, we will discuss how to implement live broadcast equipment setup for general live streaming.

What do you need for a live-streaming setup for beginners?

You don’t need an array of things for a live-streaming setup. If we talk about the difference between a professional streaming setup and a basic streaming setup, then you’ll find a few things common in both. Therefore, here are the few things you definitely need for the live streaming:

Camera Setup For Streaming

The first thing you need to have is the camera setup for live streaming. It’s the initial part of the basic streaming setup. To deliver the best video experience to your viewers, you need a quality camera that just captures the real-time happening in high quality for a seamless experience. However, you can use a professional camera or even your mobile camera for live streaming.

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To deliver the voice along with video/audio content, you need a quality microphone. It is very essential to have extreme-quality audio. Your viewers are likely to stick around your audio if the video is buffering or stuttering. You can opt for the built-in microphone of your smartphone or computer, or else you can use a professional USB  and XLR microphone setup for the live streaming.

A Good Internet Connectivity

There’s no live streaming without the Internet. It is crucial in a live-streaming setup. A proper internet connection during your live streaming is essential because it provides high bandwidth. Make sure to have a stable internet connection with a speed between 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps for a better and enhanced streaming experience.

A Good Live Streaming Software

After having all the basic equipment, you need quality live-streaming software for the basic streaming setup. Choose the best streaming platform that fits your streaming needs and takes you to the right set of viewers/audiences, or adjust accordingly. Good streaming software allows you to live stream to multiple channels at the same time and even allows you to give an amazing experience to the audience with an authentic branded broadcast. 

Suitable Environment 

Environment refers to the location or place from which you will broadcast your live content. It is essential to have a suitable place for the live stream. You cannot live stream an interview session at some disc or crowded place. Therefore, you need a proper location set up along with the above-mentioned equipment for the best live-streaming experience. Consider silence and proper lighting in the live-streaming studio setup. You can amaze your audience with professional quality content just with the help of accurate lighting and sound effects.

Apart from these basic live-streaming equipment, there are a few more things to consider for the live broadcast, such as an encoder, basic live-streaming tools, a tripod, a video switcher, and many more types of equipment like this.

What You Need For Youtube Live Streaming Setup?

Just like the basic streaming setup for youtube live streaming setup, you need a camera, microphone, streaming platform, and a good internet connection. Lets us know about the basic steps of live streaming on youtube:

  • Open the youtube app
  • Sign in to your youtube account/channel
  • Click on create “ go live” option in the top right corner
  • Select the webcam
  • Add the title and description of your live stream
  • Set the privacy settings and check the additional setting that you want
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail to attract the attention of viewers
  • Check the webcam and microphone settings
  • Tap Go Live and do the streaming
  • Click to edit your monetization, edit tags, and live chat settings.
  • After completing the stream, tap to end the stream
  • Save it for the youtube channel to reach more audience 
  • Share your live stream with your friends.

Following the same way, you can also implement Facebook live stream setup and Instagram live stream setup to reach a larger audience, and following the basic criteria, you can maximize your audience engagement and make your stream go viral.

The Bottom Line

By the end of this blog, we know about live streaming and how to set up live streaming for beginners. No doubt that live streaming needs a proper well-managed set-up to broadcast the live content.

So far, we discussed the basic and most important things that anyone needs for live streaming. There’s not much difference between professional streaming setups and basic setups. It’s the same equipment required in both but with different qualities to provide the best to the audience.

Hope you gained some insights about the basic beginner setup from this blog! Thank you for reading! Good luck.

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Rabee Khan

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