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How to Create Lead Generation Funnel That Boosts Conversions4 min read

lead generation funnel

Conversions are the lifeblood of any business. They represent the moment when a potential customer takes action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting a demo. And great conversions often start with a well-thought-out lead generation funnel. 

By fine-tuning your lead generation funnel, you’ll be able to attract high-quality leads, nurture them effectively, and ultimately drive more conversions– closing more sales

The thing is, in today’s world of constant distractions and information overload, crafting an efficient lead generation funnel to achieve a high conversion rate is not a walk in the park.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll dive into the world of unconventional strategies that can take your conversion game to new heights.

#1. Get to Know Your Audience

The most important part of marketing, in general, is to understand who you do all of the effort for in the first place. That’s why a well-thought-out lead generation funnel always begins with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. 

When you know them well enough, you can ensure any lead generation strategies and the content you produce resonate with them.

To get to know your audience, you can conduct market research, analyze customer demographics, and identify their pain points, needs, and desires. Also, you can learn their preferred communication channels, whether it’s social media, email marketing, or direct outreach. This way, you can allocate your resources effectively and reach them where they are most receptive.

#2. Identify Unconventional Channels

Look beyond traditional marketing channels to identify unconventional channels your target audience may frequent. These could include niche online communities, social media groups, forums, and podcasts. 

Also, don’t overlook the potential of offline events and gatherings. Depending on your target audience, industry conferences, trade shows, or local meetups can be excellent opportunities to network, showcase your products or services, and generate leads.

It’s always best to spend more time researching where your audience spends most of their time and tailor your funnel to reach them in these unconventional channels. 

#3. Content Is King

Content is the lifeblood of your lead generation strategy. It serves as the bridge that connects your brand with your target audience, attracting and engaging them in a meaningful way.

When we talk about lead generation content, quality is much more important than quantity. Don’t create content just for the sake of it. Your audiences always look for content that is valuable in the trade of their contact information.

Gating your content is a go-to way in lead generation strategy. This is where you provide exclusive content, but only those who give their email addresses can get full access to it.

Now, the burning question would be, “How to create valuable lead generation content?”

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Offer unique and valuable in-depth insights
  • Utilize different formats (articles, videos, checklists, e-books, etc.)
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Shareable across different platforms

#4. Offer an Irresistible Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is where you give free items or incentives in exchange for visitors’ contact information. It could be a whitepaper, e-book, newsletter, free product sample, trial subscription, demo, or other product/service-related incentives.

Remember that no one freely gives their email address away. Therefore, your lead magnets need to offer the reader value in exchange for their opting in to receive messages from the brand in the future.

So, make sure you offer an irresistible lead magnet. Identify a common pain point or challenge your target audience faces and develop a lead magnet offering a clear solution. Only focus on providing actionable and tangible results that can make a positive impact on their lives or businesses.

#5. Implement Gamification Techniques

Humans ultimately like to be rewarded. We like to be challenged and accomplish goals. With interactive experiences, gamification can bring your lead generation strategy to life. 

That what makes incorporating gamification techniques into your lead generation funnel is essential to enhance engagement and incentivize action.

Gamification leverages the principle of reciprocity, where individuals feel compelled to reciprocate when they receive something. By offering immediate rewards in exchange for valuable customer information, interactive experiences become an irresistible proposition that is difficult to decline.

You could create interactive quizzes, challenges, or competitions related to your product or service. Offer rewards, badges, or rankings to encourage participation and generate leads.

Wrapping Up

Convincing people to give their email addresses to you is one thing. Nurturing them and guiding them all the way down to the bottom of the funnel and becoming a paying customer is another. 

With all of the actionable but essential practices mentioned above, you know what you need to bring to the table to get the most out of your lead generation funnel. Using robust lead generation software can help you streamline your efforts and optimize your lead nurturing process. It provides you with powerful tools and features to effectively manage and track your leads, automate workflows, and personalize interactions at scale. You can use notable lead generation tools like Hubspot or ActiveCampaign to level up your lead generation game.

Remember that lead generation shouldn’t be an overnight process. It takes constant effort until you see visible results. The key here is to stay committed to implementing the actionable and essential practices mentioned above throughout the entire customer journey.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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