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Create an Overpowering Introduction for Your Blog Post4 min read

Overpowering Introduction for Your Blog Post

Whether you are an amateur writer or someone who has been writing for years, it’s pretty hard to create an Overpowering Introduction for every post. The truth is that the introduction of the blog post says it all.

So, you need to make it thoroughly interesting as well as informative. Content creation is not always about following rules. Typically, you need to write from your heart to drive traffic. 

But it won’t be that easy to grab the reader’s attention and address their needs. So, how are you going to create introductions to unify your blog posts?  A good option would be to apply a mix of approaches depending on the ideas you are trying to assimilate. Perhaps, you need to rely on the expertise of blog writers for hire to appeal to the audience. 

Overpowering Introduction for Your Blog Post

Here is what you need to know about writing compelling introductions for your blog posts

Check the opening line 

Do you know that a majority of online users today spend a little over 35 seconds to screen a blog post?  Now that is inclusive of the time they spend on researching the best post. So, you are left with 10-15 seconds at the most to create an attention-garnering introduction for your post. But you can’t get bookish when making the introduction interesting. 

The best trick would be to begin with an interrogative sentence to make your readers curious. It could be that you create a problem at the start and gradually move on to provide the solutions.

Alternatively, you can begin with a storytelling technique or a quote. Try to shun a blandly-written sentence and instead pick an option that you may also feel excited to write. Some of the reputed blog writing services rely on various elements like writing controversial statements on the top or using a metaphor maybe. You can analyze their tricks and tips as well if you are sure about creating the posts.

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Keep the first line short 

The first sentence of the blog post should be something that the readers can understand easily. So, you need to keep it short and simple. Short sentences have the potential to pack more punches that are usually lost when you write long sentences. Unfortunately, writers often create long and confusing sentences while attempting to make the introduction more interesting. You need to make the starting sentence the size of a small bite. 

Don’t make it similar to the title 

Indeed the content you create needs to relate to the title entirely. But the introduction should not contain the words or the phrases you mention in the title as readers would not like to skim through repetitive things while reading the article. Instead, you need to strengthen the title in different ways, like adding an unusual line to make the readers curious. 

If you are looking forward to creating a killer introduction, hire blog writers from Content Freelancing. They are one of the best content writing agencies to help you add value to your blog post and make it more readable in the long run. 

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Cover the Ws

To make blog post introductions interesting, the thumb rule that is yet to go out of style is using the Ws. Wondering what it is? Try to find out whether your introduction covers the following:

  1. Who are you trying to address through the article?
  2. When is the best time to begin implementing the tips you mention in the post?
  3. What are the pros and cons of the tips suggested in the post 
  4. Where are the users going to get the resources 
  5. Why are your tips worth implementing

Now, including the 5Ws lends your blog post consistency and helps the readers conclude. It may seem a bit too much for the introduction. But you won’t need more than a couple of sentences for each ‘W’ and make it concise in the end. 

Write it in the second person

Mentioning ‘you’ in the introduction is another aspect you should not miss. Writing a post in the second person may make your readers feel more connected right from the beginning. It is a crucial aspect to attract readers to your posts. Get a content writer for hire to know what the significant elements of creating a blog post are. That way, you will get better insights about making the introduction more appropriate.

How are you planning to write your introduction for the next post? Make sure your readers feel tempted to read the post after skimming the introduction. So, keep your introduction short and stimulate the interest of the readers in every blog post. 

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Rabee Khan

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