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Real Estate Company Overcomes Negative Reddit Reviews With Help From A Reputation Management Firm4 min read

Real Estate Company Overcomes Negative Reddit Reviews With Help From A Reputation Management Firm

Online Reputation and Its Management Skill

Maintaining an excellent online reputation is crucial to ensure the sales flow continues. But no matter how wise you play, sometimes you cannot resist and end up falling into one of your enemy’s traps. Here is how we helped a Real Estate company overcome negative reviews online. 

The Client. 

Our client was a real estate company based in the United States with their office branches spread out in different regions. They have been dealing in this industry for ten years and have helped many people invest in real estate wisely. 


Our client recently came across a few negative reviews on Reddit, which were getting a lot of impressions and comments and was soon ranking on the first page on the Google search results page. Although positive reviews outweighed negative reviews, they still impacted sales, and customers would sometimes bring it up while finalizing a deal. 

It also appeared that an attack site developed by a blogger was getting increasing traffic every day. 

Whenever a potential customer searches the company’s keyword site, the attack site would appear just beneath the main website and Wikipedia. 

Considering all the consequences, we decided to devise a strategy that could deal with national and international search results.

Building Reputation Online


We concluded that we need to take a strategic approach to overcome the challenges, so our client stays safe from further damage. For this, we decided not to contact the owner of the attack site to take the harmful content down. Instead, we decided to de-rank the site by optimizing and ranking more positive content.

For the negative Reddit reviews, we initiated an email campaign. All the company’s recent customers were sent an email asking how their experience was and whether they would recommend the service to others. 

Those who left a positive review were redirected to Reddit to leave a good review. Those who left a negative review were redirected to a specific site where they could log their complaints and resolve the matter. 

An official from the company was responsible for taking care of the unsatisfied customers. This way, we provided our clients a medium to turn their happy customers into encouraging reviews online and prevent their unhappy customers from spreading any negative things online. 

Within the first month of using this strategy, we saw considerable improvement, and within 60 days, their Reddit ranking improved from 2 stars to 4.5 stars. 

Our team was also working on ranking more positive content and pushing back the attack site, but we decided to take a step forward. With a bit of digging, we found that the most searched keyword related to the website was “financial calculator,”. Hence,”e developed a dedicated page for the calculator on the client’s website to gain maximum web traffic. 

Furthermore, we did some tweaks to the client’s website, refreshed their social media channels, and drew up a favorable content calendar that yields better results and is easy to follow.

Within a few weeks, the search results improved, and the positive content was now ranking higher. 


In the end, we saw a substantial change in the local and international results. 

Locally, positive Reddit reviews increased, and the company’s ranking improved on other sites such as Yelp. 

Internationally, the positive content outdoes the negative website, which was pushed back to the third google search results page. Potential customers are not likely to visit that page, so we were relieved that it won’t cause much disturbance.


The results were only possible because of the customized strategies applied to our Client’s case. 

Putting together an effective review system that could differentiate between satisfied and unsatisfied customers helped improve clients’ online reputations and helped transform the overall online sentiment and boost sales. 

Next, we chose to take an organic and principled approach against the attack site and focused on bringing sustainable and long-term results. 

Last but not least, we kept our ears open. We listened to each client’s requirements and endeavored to provide long-term solutions. 

Rabee Khan

Rabee Khan

Rabee Khan has led 100s of successful SEO campaigns in the most competitive verticals like SAAS, health, finance, and law. He's also helped 100s of agency owners scale by systemizing their SEO. Search Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Interpersonal Skills, Analytical Skills, Advertising and Marketing Strategy.

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